President’s Message

Published: February 2, 2020

By Kim Zimmer

I have had the slowest ascent to President of the Federal Court Bar Association in the history of this Organization. I have thought about why that is and I finally decided it must be because I am so shy, soft-spoken, and reserved.

I “grew up” in the Federal Courts. After I finished my first year of law school in 1986, I interned in the U.S. Attorney’s Office when it was on the third floor of the federal building. After I graduated law school, I worked at the Department of Justice and various U.S. Attorney’s Offices throughout the country. I returned to this District in 1991 as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Albany. While I was there, David Homer, Don Kinsella, Bill Dreyer, Bud Malone, and many other colleagues, mentored me, and they, and others, still mentor and guide me to this day.

In 1998, I moved to Boston and worked at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. I came “home” to Syracuse and this District in 2002. I have practiced in the SDNY, the EDNY, the District of Massachusetts, the District of Arizona, the Eastern District of Virginia, and others, and this is where I want to practice.

For me, this Organization is about collegiality and mentorship. And, as President of this Organization, I want to foster collegiality, mutual respect, and friendship among our members. I consider it a vital part of our mission and why we exist. I believe we all make each other better lawyers. I am so fortunate for all of my mentors, colleagues, and friends. And, I am very excited to be the President of this Organization.