Register Multiple Members

Looking to purchase memberships for multiple attorneys in your organization?  We now offer the ability to do so in a few short steps. First, multiply the number of memberships you are purchasing by the membership price. Enter the total amount in the “Total Dues for Members Being Registered” field below.

As an example, if you are registering five attorneys, 4x$125 = $500. You would enter 500 in the “Total Dues for Members Being Registered” field.

Next, use the form to upload information about the members you are registering and upload it in the space below. Download the multiple member registration template here.

Click “Add to Cart” and follow the remaining prompts for payment.  You can pay by credit card, PayPal or paper check.

Upload list of multiple members

Maximum file size: 1MB

Upload must be in CSV format and no more than 1MB.