Pro Bono Recognition

Published: July 13, 2017

The NDNY-FCBA and the Board of Judges for the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of New York recently extended a special thank-you to the dedicated professionals who served the legal needs of the economically underprivileged in their communities for the years 2015 and 2016, at recognition ceremonies in Syracuse, Albany and Utica.

The ceremony in Syracuse was held on Wednesday, May 31, 2017, at the Hotel Syracuse-Marriott Downtown, where 54 professionals were recognized: Albert Millus, Jr., Brendan Sheehan, Brian Butler, Catherine Gale, Cynthis LaFave, Daniel Rose, David Homer, Dawn Lanouette, Donald David, Erik Koons, Gabriel Nugent, George Lowe, George Sallaway, Gustave DiBianco, James Hacker, James Sonneborn, Jarrod Smith, Jeffrey Hurd, Jeffrey Narus, John Murad, Jr., John Powers, John Wegerski, Jr., Jon Devendorf, Jonathan Fellows, Judith Erba, Kate Reid, Kathleen Ryan, Kayla Arias, Keith Young, Kenneth Alweis, Kimberly Zimmer, Kristy Fischmann, Laura Spring, Linda Joseph, Lisa DiPoala Haber, Lisa Gilels, Mark Galvez, Mark Sonders, Megan Grimsley, Michael Hutter, Michael Kaplan, Michael Sciotti, Paul Mullin, Paul Sweeney, Robert Weiler, Ronald Benjamin, Ross Greenky, Ryan Poplawski, Salvatore Ferlazzo, Seth Peacock, Simon Moody, Steve Helmer, Terence O’Connor, and Thomas Higgs.

The ceremony in Albany was held on Thursday, July 13, 2017, at the James T. Foley Courthouse, where 40 professionals were recognized: Aaron Carbone, Agatha Liu, Alexander Shmulsky, Anthony Consiglio, Benjamin Hill, Brian Matula, Bruce Richardson, Carol Crummey, Chris Buckey, Craig Cushing, Crystal Peck, Daniel Hurteau, Daniel Rubin, Elijah Summersell, Elmer Keach, Emily Quinlan, Erik Goergen, Gabriel Gillett, Gennaro Calabrese, James Resila, Javid Afzali, Jonathan McCardle, Keith Schockmel, Kyle Kordich, Laura Owens, Mandy McFarland, Maria Dyson, Matthew McNamara, Michael Lostritto, Molly Casey, Nathaniel Charny, Patrick Higgins, Richard Weisz, Schuyler Carroll, Stephen Rehfuss, Stephen Rosemarino, Tina Sciocchetti, Veronica Reed, William Firth, and William Little.

The ceremony in Utica was held on Tuesday, August 22, 2017, at the Saranac Brewery, where 4 professionals were recognized: Mark Curley, Melanie Goldberg, Nichola Passalacqua, and Zachary Oren.