FCBA Announces New Committee Chairs

Published: March 18, 2018

FCBA President Mitch Katz has appointed new chairs of the Board’s standing committees. Generally, each committee has two co-chairs, one from the Capital Region and one from the Central New York Region. The Board is still searching for chairs of two committees: the Criminal Practice Committee, and the Technology and Information Committee. FCBA members interested in becoming a member of a committee should contact any member of the Board or the FCBA’s Administrative Director, Shelly Childers, at [email protected].

Annual Dinner Committee
Kimberly M. Zimmer (Chair)

CLE Committee
Daniel S. Rubin (Co-Chair, Capital Region)
Brian J. Butler (Co-Chair, CNY)

First Decade Committee
Brienna L. Christiano (Co-Chair, Capital Region)
Kavitha Janardhan (Co-Chair, CNY)

Historical and Honorable James R. Duane Committee
Yvonne E. Hennessey (Co-Chair, Capital Region)
John G. Powers (Co-Chair, CNY)

Honorable Frederick J. Scullin, Jr. Scholarship Committee
Jeffrey E. Hurd (Co-Chair, Capital Region)
Doreen A. Simmons (Co-Chair, CNY)

Local Rules and Federal Practice Committee
Zachary C. Oren (Co-Chair, Capital Region)
Karen S. Southwick (Co-Chair, CNY)

Nominations and By-Laws Committee
Adam R. Shaw (Co-Chair)
Joann Sternheimer (Co-Chair)

Pro Bono Committee
Brian W. Matula (Co-Chair, Capital Region)
Michael J. Sciotti (Co-Chair, CNY)

Public Relations and Membership Committee
Benjamin Hill (Co-Chair, Capital Region)
Gabriel M. Nugent (Co-Chair, CNY)

Education and Public Outreach Subcommittee
Alaina K. Laferriere (Co-Chair, Capital Region)
Michael G. Langan (Co-Chair, CNY)