Running the Boilermaker with Judge Hurd

Published: July 19, 2018

By FCBA President Mitchell J. Katz

So what do you do to stay sane?

I run. It keeps me (mostly) sane and healthy. At the suggestion of one of my colleagues I signed up for the 2018 Boilermaker in Utica.

In the half hour before the July 8 race I was walking around to warm up, looking for one familiar face among the thousands who were lining up to run, and lo and behold I found one – the Honorable David N. Hurd. He was leaning against a guardrail, wearing a racing singlet and cap, talking to his running partner, Dom Demarco.

So I went over to visit with the Judge and Dom. This was my first Boilermaker. Judge Hurd was appearing for this 37th Boilermaker!! The race has been run for 41 years so he was there when it was just a small community event. This year Judge Hurd ran in the age 80+ division. Dom was in the 70+ division. I ran in the “kids” division: age 55 to 59.

About 15,000 runners signed up and 11,509 finished the race including Judge Hurd, Dom, me and Judge Hurd’s law clerk Reg Miller.

It is quite an event, including a world-class elite field, and a doozy of an after-party hosted by Saranac (yes, all the beer was free and there was also a band and local food vendors).

If you have some activity that helps keep you sane or outside endeavor that takes the edge off of being a lawyer that you would like to share, please send along your thoughts to our editors.

Happy trails.